Micro Mobility


This is not a car!
Microlino - Changing Urban Mobility
Unique Concept
The front entry allows an easy getting in and out of the car. In addition the passenger can sit right next to the driver instead of squeezing himself behind the driver.
Electric Drive
Allows fast and silent acceleration without CO2 emission.
Charge Everywhere
With its integrated 10m cable drum you can charge your Microlino whenever you want, wherever you want.
Size Matters
The practical size of the Microlino allows you cross parking, so you will never have to waste your time on searching a parking space.
Built to last. Built to ride fast.
Micro Explorer
  • Renato (9)
    "I’m happy when I can get back on my freestyle scooter again and do cool stunts."
  • Scooman
    "(The Micro Merlin) drives really nice and easy. Has all you need: integrated lights, motor and mechanical break, front and rear suspension, and it's easily foldable!
  • Daniel
    "I'm on the road almost every day with the micro merlin and I'm thrilled. Great, well thought-out product."
  • Lars
    " Never seen such a great product as the Explorer! Top design and strong motor. It really gives you a great ride."
  • Jenia
    "I have the Micro Merlin and I am very happy! The range and the performance are great. It has enough power when it goes uphill and is very stable"
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