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Sustainability and social responsibility

Micro takes responsibility for the environment and society. Since the launch of the first scooters, we have always striven to create somewhat of a countertrend to our throwaway society through high-quality, durable products.

Micro is the only scooter manufacturer in the world to offer a repair and spare parts service, this also contributes to the durability of our products. And, when the end of the life cycle has been reached, our aluminium chassis can be recycled anywhere. This is another reason why we never seriously thought of offering a carbon model.

The handlebars of our kids’ products are height-adjustable and grow with the child. A Mini Micro 3in1, for example, is in use for an average of four years. Compared to a McDonald's toy, which is used no more than a few hours, or a Barbie doll, which at best the child plays with for a year, this number is considerable.


Our strategy: Private e-scooters instead of rentals

As the inventors of micro mobility, we have been convinced for over 20 years that a scooter is the ideal means of transportation for cities – light, compact, safe and sustainable. In contrast to the latest developments in the field of free-float e-scooter sharing, we pursue the strategy of the personal electric scooter.

In our opinion, the current business model that originated in the USA is neither sustainable nor safe. Rental scooters are on average in use for only 29 days before they end up in the garbage bin. In addition, it is dangerous if completely inexperienced riders use the e-scooters in highly frequented inner city areas. Those who have their own e-scooter also assume responsibility for its condition and handling.

ECO Kid's Scooter from recycled plastic

The ECO product line is another step towards sustainability for Micro. The use of «green plastic» means a reduction of not only marine pollution and the loss of valuable resources but also of the ecological footprint by up to 82% CO2 emissions compared to new plastic. For more informations about the ECO Kid's Scooters click here.

Micro projects

Micro Scooter safety training

In addition to promoting physical activity, the safety of our customers is very important to us. For about 11 years now, we have been teaching at the Micro Scooter Kids Days how to understand and be aware of the dangers and rules when dealing with scooters. This initiative is further supported by the explanation video "The 10 Micro Scooter Safety Rules".


Pilot project Mexico

True to our solution motto, “Mobility for everyone”, Micro has realised a project in Mexico in which we sponsored 100 all-terrain wheelchairs with Micro technology.

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