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Can all the scooters be folded up?

Except for our Xtreme models, all our scooters and kickboards can be folded up and therefore easily transported.

Can I repair my scooter myself?

Yes, you can. Provided that you have ordered the necessary spare parts, you can repair your scooter yourself. For more information, you can watch our repair videos under support.

Can I return my scooter?

As long as the scooter has not been used, you can return it with the purchase receipt within 30 days und receive the full price.

How long is the warranty period?

Micro products have a two-year warranty for defects.

Kickboard or Scooter, what is the difference?

Whether with two or three wheels, Micro products are fun and practical. The three-wheeled Kickboard with its weight transfer steering is suitable for surfing the streets. But also kids love the three-wheeled Mini and Maxi Micros because they can train their motor skills. For people who are used to a bike steering, a scooter is the best choice. Our advice: try it out! This is the only way you can really see, which Scooter or Kickboard is the perfect choice.

What should I consider when using my scooter?

The scooter should not be used on wet roads, and should not be left in the rain. We also advise you to check the screws regularly.

What should I do if my scooter is broken?

Our products have a two-year warranty for defects. Normal wear and tear such as a stiff wheel is not included in the warranty. In case of damage, send us photos of the damaged parts along with the serial number, which is mostly found underneath the step or on the folding mechanism. Products shall be repaired or replaced, at Micro Mobility Systems’ sole discretion.

Where are the scooters and kickboards manufactured?

Our scooters are manufactured in China and Germany. Our factories are all certified with the international quality standard ISO 9002. Our products are all manufactured according to the ASTM, EN, ANSI and TUV standards to guarantee maximum quality.

Where can I buy Micro scooters?

Our Micro scooters are sold around the world. Under retailer locator you can find out in what countries we are represented

Where can I buy spare parts for my scooter?

On the homepage of the scootergarage, you will find a big selection of diffrent spare parts for your Micro scooter.

Where can I test the scooters?

We have hundreds of retail outlets in Switzerland. To find a shop in your area, go to our Shop Locator. Since not all shops have all our products in stock, we recommend you to phone the shop before you drop by.

How can I buy a Microlino?

At the moment we don't have our own stores, but we are taking reservations. Up to now we have received more than 10'000 reservations for the Microlino. In spring 2019 we will start with the sales in Switzerland and in summer 2019 in Germany.

When can I buy a Microlino?

We will start the production in spring 2019. You can already reserve your Microlino now under reservation.

How much does a Microlino cost?

Unfortunately we can't give an exact price at the moment but our estimated base price for the Microlino is around 12'000 Euros.

What are the specifications?

The microlino has a 15 kW electric motor that accelerates it to a maximum speed of around 90 km/h and reaches a range of 125 km or 200 km. Go to Features to learn more.

Where can I see the Microlino live?

Throughout the whole year we are attending at various exhibitions and events. In our news area we have listed all our events for this year.

Where can I schedule a test drive with the Microlino?

At the moment we are not offering test drives for the Microlino. Subscribe to our newsletter or like our facebook page to ensure that you belong to the first ones to test drive the Microlino. We expect to make the first testdrives at the end of 2018 in Zurich.

Does the Microlino have a crash test?

The Microlino belongs to the category L7E, thats why he doesn't need to pass a crash test. But that doesn't mean that its not important for us to make the Microlino as safe as possible. After our crash simulations the Microlino passes the crash test with 50 km/h.

Is the reservation of a Microlino binding or can I cancel it whenever I want?

Up to now all our reservations are non-binding contracts and therefore can be canceled anytime. At the beginning of 2019 we will demand a refundable down payment of around 1000 Euro for all of our swiss reservations. Reservations from all the other countries will be asked to deposit the downpayment at a later stage.
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