Micro Mobility
product overview
If you need to transport or store your e-scooter, you can fold the handles compactly.
Thanks to the integrated display, you always have the most important driving information at a glance. The handbrake with integrated bell provides additional safety.
For even more comfort you can adjust the height of the handlebar to suit your body size.
LED Lights
The homologated front and rear lights ensure optimum visibility even in the dark.
Dual Shock Absorbers
Too stiff or too soft a suspension may not be suitable for all riding preferences and styles. To make your ride as comfortable as possible, the Micro Explorer lets you adjust the suspension perfectly to your body weight.
500 W
Maximum Motor Power
The front wheel of the Micro Explorer is driven by a robust, efficient and durable motor with a maximum output of 500 watts.
Foot-Folding Mechanism
The Micro Explorer does not need a kick stand. You can easily park the e-scooter using the intuitive kick-fold mechanism.
The regenerative braking system in the Explorer uses the motor as a generator to convert part of the kinetic energy that gets lost when decelerating back into stored energy in the battery.

The perfect combination of power and comfort

Micro Explorer

The Micro Explorer combines power and comfort like no other. With a range of 30 kilometres and a maximum motor power of 500 watts, the electric scooter is the perfect last-mile-solution and the ideal means of transport in urban traffic. The wide deck, the adjustable handlebar as well as the front and rear suspension ensure a pleasant driving experience, even on rough surfaces. Thanks to its light weight, the foldable handles and the intuitive foot-folding mechanism, it is extremely easy to transport and can be combined with all public transportation. Maximum safety is guaranteed by the three different braking mechanisms, integrated front and rear lights and side reflectors. More information on the Micro Explorer here.

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Ideal for City & commuter, Long distances
Weight 13.5 kg
Speed 30 km/h (depending on the regulations in the respective country)
Range 30 km
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technical details
Electric features
Throttle Grip Twist Throttle, Thumb Throttle
App Connectivity No, Yes
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Motor 500W (Maximum Power)
Battery Lithium-Ion, 280 Wh
Speed 30 km/h (depending on the regulations in the respective country)
Range 30 km
Riding Programs Sport Mode: 500 W / 25 km/h, Pedestrian Mode: 250 W / 6 km/h, Eco mode: 300 W / 20 km/h, Standard Mode: 400 W / 25 km/h
Light Front Light, Rear Light
Handbrake yes
Kickstand Easy Parking Mechanism
Max. load 100 kg
Material Aluminium with rubber anti-slip coating
Width 14.5 cm
Length 38.5 cm
Ideal for City & commuter, Long distances
Age range Adults
Weight 13.5 kg
Handlebar height 88.2 - 109.6 cm
Foldable Yes
Adjustable Yes
Size 200 mm
Material Rubber
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