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Since Micro Mobility was founded, innovation has been an integral part of the corporate DNA. True to its vision of a «better urban lifestyle», Micro now offers over 50 different mobility products for children, teens and adults and is the global market leader in the premium segment. The range extends from the popular children's scooter to stylish electric scooters and the latest coup, the Microlino.

The heart of this tireless innovation process is our Design Lab in Küsnacht ZH; here new ideas are tinkered with and
prototypes are created with a lot of passion and dedication. In this interview,

Yannick Lissanda, Head of Micro Design Lab, tells us more

Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for new products? 
Curiosity and observation are essential. People and nature are my greatest inspiration. If I get stuck when working on a product, then I go to the place where it will later be used and the ideas then come on their own. And when I wear my favourite grey sweater and have the
hood up, my colleagues in the office know that my head is smoking as I process new ideas. Then it's best not to disturb me.

What is the biggest challenge when designing a new product?

From whom?
The difficulty lies in doing justice to all the different parties. I hear from the management: «That's too expensive.» From the engineers: «It won't last, it won't work.» From marketing: «It doesn't fit our image.» Then there are the sales people, the factory and, of course, the customers, who are ultimately the most important. I want to satisfy all these groups, which is not always easy.

What distinguishes the product design of Micro? What is special about it?
Would say that Micro's product design is characterized by a certain simplicity and longevity. The success of the Mini Micro, for example, is the timeless design that has – with only small modifications – endured for years and still resonates with the same target group. In the very fast-changing scooter market, this is very rare.

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