Micro Mobility


Calculating saved time

fitness trainings
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times filling out tax returns
times going for biers with friends
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Micro Mobility
Better urban lifestyle
It's always a great experience to speed through the city jungle with the emicro one and see the slightly irritated looks of the passers-by who are left behind. It really is great fun and I love being able to move from A to B without stress and without having to wait.
2. Manuel
leisure / work
My way to work is over very rough ground with cabblestones. Since I began speeding over them on the Suspension Scooter I've hardly felt them at all.
1. Hanna
My boyfriend lives in Berlin and I fly over to see him every other weekend - with my hand luggage. The fact that my luggage is ridable makes travelling even more enjoyable.
3. Marc
I'm 9 years old. I ride my scooter to school for 15 minutes every morning. I'm able to sleep longer and I like to ride it with my friends.
Urban Mobility
Faster trough the City Traffic
Big in the City
Widen your range of motion and experience more of the city. With your Micro Scooter you stay independent and reach your destination faster.
Shorten the distances
With a Micro Scooter you will reach your destination much faster. One kilometer is easily cut down to a few hundred meters this way...
Stored easily
Every Micro product is compactly foldable, in order to fit underneath every bus seat or in every trunk.
Well combined
As an intelligent commuter you know, that it just makes sense to use public transport – the last mile you cover with your Micro Scooter!
No more searching for parking!
While others are exhaustingly trying to find a parking spot, you are already drinking your after-work drink. Cheers!
Scoot to work
Overslept? No problem, with your Micro Scooter you can catch up lost time easily and arrive at your destination on time and not sweaty.
  • Mey (35)
    "My scooter is always readily at hand and I get where I'm going so much faster than on foot."
  • Tracey (29)
    "I myself ride the Micro Scooter Black. Simply because I like the look of it. It’s compact, runs smoothly and it’s fast!"
  • Joy
    "I'm not going anywhere without my scooter! Going to work or shopping, I'll be twice as fast as before."
  • Simon
    "I have bought the Micro Metropolitan Deluxe and I am super happy. The hand brake is great and you can feel the very good quality."
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