Micro Mobility
Wim Ouboter
CEO and Founder

I love the emicro one because of its uncomparable driving experience. For shorter distances I like the Micro Scooter Eazy because of its practical folding mechanism, which allows compact folding with just one kick.

Janine Ouboter

I possess a Maxi Micro DELUXE foldable in blue, which brings me everywhere and can even be folded.

We are mobility!
Marcus Porsche
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

My favorite scooter is the Micro Scooter Luggage, because I am travelling often and can save a lot of time with it on airports and trainstations.

Pascal Joos
Head of Product Management & CEO Micro China

I like the Micro Pedalflow the most, because it gives you a unique feeling while riding it.

Reto Kuster

My absolute favorite is the Micro Sprite. The reason is the smile on my daughters faces when they ride their scooters.

Innovation and highest quality
Fabian Baumli
Sales Director

My favorite product is the new emicro Falcon as I can either ride it with the Motion Control function or simply use the throttle handle if I’m lazy.

Natalie Villani

My favorite is the Mini Micro Deluxe Magic! It is visually an absolute eye-catcher and offers more safety in the dark thanks to the LED wheels and the light balls on the handlebars. 

Nothing beats the original – ever!
Jessica Stingl
Marketing Director

My favorite is the Micro Flex 200 mm. The large PU wheels and the flexible shock-absorbing deck make for a particularly pleasant scooter ride.

Sophia Müller

I like the colorful Micro Speed Deluxe the best. It looks cool and is very comfortable to drive. However, the Mini Magic is still the highlight for me, even though I'm unfortunately not allowed to ride it.

Ludovica Chemello
Business Development Manager
25 years Micro!
Maria Mülli-Ramirez
Sales Manager

My favorite scooter is the Micro White. Its sporty and elegant design is ideal for the way to the supermarket or for a ride through the city. It is also very comfortable to ride thanks to its low deck and large wheels and I reach my destination in a few minutes.

Olivier Grosjean
Sales Manager

For me, the Speed Deluxe is the perfect companion. With its large wheels and curved handlebars, you can cruise the streets with comfort - even when you're in a hurry.

Yannick Lissanda
Product Designer

Light, compact, sporty and fun, it's the perfect mix that makes the Micro Pedalflow my favorite.

Jena Sri
Sales Manager

My favorite Micro product is the new Sprite Deluxe, a premium scooter with sleek design and high-end features. 

Monique Raymann
Backoffice & Customer Care

My favorite scooter ist he Micro Speed+ Mint, because the size of the wheels and the color are just perfect. I am riding it every day from the parking lot to the office.

Nell Monsurate
Sales Administrator

The Sprite was a loyal companion in my childhood up to my teenage years, and it got me safely from A to B every day.
The associated nostalgic feelings and memories of my childhood, make the Sprite Silver my absolute favorite.

Oliver Ouboter

I like riding the Micro Scooter Suspension, because it ensures not only a very comfortable ride, but also has a simple and good design.

Chantal Appel
Sales Administration & Customer Service and Backoffice

My favorite product is the Mini Micro Deluxe Magic Scooter! The colorful light bulbs are a real highlight and always put a smile on my face.

We reinvent mobility – for everybody!
Merlin Ouboter

My favorite product is the Kickboard Original because as a child i was the first test driver of the Kickboard.

Gordan Topic
Technical Administrator & Backoffice

My favorite is the Sprite. Already during my childhood he was my loyal companion and even today, with its handiness and distinctive design, he is synonymous for a scooter.

The strongest team since 1996
Sascha Frei
Logistik & Backoffice

My favorite product is the emicro one. Every morning i’m cruising from my front door to the train station without waiting for any bus. Further i dont have any space problems in the train, because you can fold it easily and put it under the seat.

Stephan Nickel

I ride the Micro Suspension. The good front & rear suspension allows you to ride from A to B in a relaxed and comfortable way without being jolted.

Claudia Zuberbühler
Office Manager

My personal favorite is the Micro Black. With it’s big wheels, moving is very easy, and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Roberto Sonza
Transportation Designer

Suitable for every road condition, the Flex 200 mm is my everyday companion, getting me from A to B quickly, safely and comfortably!

Sergio Paratore
Repair Service

My favorite scooter is the micro Merlin X3. With it I get up every slope with ease and this in the shortest time.

Luca Serio
Repair Service

My favorite scooter is the e-micro one, because in the morning I’m faster then the bus. In the train it’s even easy to store it under the seat.

Nicola Sauter
Repair Service

My favorite is the MX Freeride. He combines a freestyle scooter with the comfortable wide wheels.

Mattia Fumagalli
Repair Service
better urban lifestyle
Sonja Gnoth
Product Manager Accessoires

I love my Micro Flex 200mm, because I find the wooden board cool. However, I'm not as sporty with it as my kids are with their stunt scooters.

Corina Honold
Microlino/Micro Administration & Logistics
Ronja Rusterholz
Customer Service & Back Office

Unique ride comfort, suspension and then also with lights - the Metropolitan is my absolute favorite. With my practical companion I feel safe on the road around the clock

Nico Stingl
E-Scooter After Sales

My favorite Micro product is definitely the Explorer. I am really excited about the look, handling and performance of the scooter. Another plus is that he can be easily folded and I can take him so easily in the car or in the public transport.

Beatrice Théraulaz
Assistant Store Manager
Entrepreneurial at Heart
Jan-Franco Bächi
Flagship Store Employee

My absolute favorite is the Metropolitan Deluxe. It has everything a scooter needs. The great light, the curved handlebars and the extended splash guard on the rear and front wheel.

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